Privacy Statement

iCareMedical is an organisation that matches employees to employers. In order to do so, iCareMedical records information about both those employees and those employers. iCareMedical guarantees that this information is handled carefully and with discretion, taking into account the interests of all parties concerned. iCareMedical observes the utmost care in ensuring the privacy of visitors to this website.

Please feel free to visit our website as often as you please and read the information presented here, with no strings attached. This privacy statement explains what information iCareMedical gathers by way of this website, and for what purpose.

Visitors who are interested in iCareMedical's services and who wish to register as candidates can fill out the application form, which asks for specific personal details. iCareMedical uses this information to match the candidate with potential employers. No information is passed on until the canidate has been consulted.

Candidates who register through the website receive written confirmation of their registration by post or by e-mail.

Disclosures of your information
iCareMedical has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain and the United States. iCareMedical's working method is registered with the following institutions:

  • The Dutch Data Protection Authority in The Hague, the Netherlands
  • The Belgian Commission for the Protection of Privacy in Brussels, Belgium

Candidates are entitled to know at all times which of their personal data iCareMedical keeps on record. They may ask to examine that information and point out any errors, propose changes or request removal of certain data. Candidates wishing to do so should send a written request to the iCareMedical office where they are registered.

iCareMedical likes to know how many people visit the website. The identities of the visitors are not important. As such, no specific information about particular persons is recorded or saved. What iCareMedical does do is keep anonymous records of the number of visitors, the parts of the site that they visit, or the parts they visit most often, the times of their visits, the country from where the site is visited, and general information concerning the software the visitor uses. iCareMedical uses this information to continually optimise its website and to create a better overall experience for our users.

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