HealthCare professionals

iCareMedical is specialized in contracting and employing primary nurses and Medical Doctors for healthcare institutions in the Scandinavian Countries, Baltic States, Germany and the Netherlands.
The aging population, budget cuts, tight labor market and our experiences at “both sides of the table” has made us decide to offer a solution to the shortage in the healthcare market.
Our management team consists of professionals with over 20 years experience in healthcare market and human resource management.
Our experience is that the better doctors and nurses are not adventurers, but professionals dedicated to their profession.  
We have noticed that the healthcare professionals, besides the financial benefits, also want to extend their knowledge in different healthcare institutions in different countries.

We are currently seeking:

    Nurses (Junior and senior)
    Anesthesia Staff
    Surgical Assistants
    Emergency physicians

Why us:
During your quest for a new job you have certainly encountered one or more of the following problems:
    Time-consuming interviews with agencies
    Foreign agencies which gives  no or poor guidance during your stay
    You do not know the agency or the institution you are going to work for
    “Everyone fished out of the same pond”; You get different offers from different agencies
    Too much intermediaries; agencies “trading” with your CV
    During sollicitation, period vacancy may be filled by another candidate
    Medical registration not or poorly done
    Need to do everything yourself; housing, transportation, medical registration

A number of reasons why you might want to choose for us:
    Excellent salary
    Fixed agreement
    24 days leave
    Personal budget for paid courses and seminars.
    Medical Registration
    Allowances for irregular duties or overtime
    No unemployment risk, we guarantee you a job

If you want to find out what we can offer you, feel free to apply online here discover what we can offer you.